How Agents Can Capitalize On Leads Effectively

capitalize on leads

In order to capitalize on leads, a smart realtor needs to know how to talk to turn first time clients into referral-happy, loyal customers. To do this, the realtor must know what needs to be said, how it needs to be said, and when. It’s all about converting the lead into a positive, successful business transaction. To help you on your way to doing just that, here are a number of tips that can come in handy. Did you know you could join a community of real estate agents that can train you to close more leads? Before you read on, discover why eRealty is the best option for real estate agents the nation over….

“Maybe” and “No” Are a No-Go’s

Sometimes there is just one tiny problem, at the end of a phone conversation with the client, that stops the deal from going through. This can be very frustrating. How many times have you heard the following: “Well, let me talk to my wife/husband about it.” or “I can call you back in a few days. We haven’t decided yet.” In addition to being maddening, it is a mistake on your part.

Don’t be so quick to end that phone call. Pencil in an appointment. Push back firmly but gently. Tell them they can cancel if plans change but do everything you can to set up that appointment.

Create a Plan for Follow-Up

Just because you call a prospect doesn’t mean you’re going to book an appointment. Tenacious, consistent follow-up is how appointments get booked. Here are some suggestions:

  • until you can get them in the 90-day window, if someone says they’ll be ready in about six months, call them at least twice a month
  • if they think they might be ready to go within 90 days, give them a call about twice a week so they don’t forget about you
  • if they think that they will be ready in about 30 days, give them a call every day

Create Context and Capture Details

Create a friendly environment by using good context. The more a client gets to know you, the more they feel comfortable with you and will be more likely to actually want to do business with you. The more you get to know them, and they feel like they’re being understood, the more they will feel like they’re being paid attention to. You’re listening. This makes all future appointments flow in an easier manner.

The Basics of Prequalification

If leads are not qualified, don’t waste your time. In order to make sure of this, use the following questions during every appointment:

  • In order for you to move forward, what has to happen?
  • Do you have a plan B?
  • What matters to you most about the house you buy?
  • As far as your agent goes, what are you looking for most?
  • Is there anyone else involved in this process?
  • Why are you looking to move?
  • Just how soon do you want to make your move?
  • What is the goal that is motivating you here?

A Delivery That Is Diversified

People feel most comfortable using unique communication platforms and preferences. The easier you make it for them to connect with you, the better things will go. Do what works best for them – do everything possible in order to reach your clients. Some of the preferences that people have informed their realtor of are private DMs, email, video, and text. You will reap the rewards if you give options and are flexible in your delivery.

Building Rapport

Conduct yourself in the moment by getting out of yourself. “Mirroring” is a technique that many realtors have found success with. Speak to your client in the type of language they use, at their rate of speed, volume, and match their tone. This helps to build rapport.

An informed, experienced realtor knows how to talk to potential leads and turn each client meeting into a positive, income generating experience. At eRealty Advisors, we groom realtors who understand that the goal behind realty is the success of the client… and that leads to a realtor’s success.