Can Facebook Help You Sell Real Estate Faster?

facebook real estate marketing

Many business owners have discovered the use of social media as a powerful platform to advertise their goods and services. Real estate agents have not been left behind in this frenzy, and are using social media platforms like Facebook to sell houses faster. Before you think of utilizing Facebook real estate marketing, you first need to know how it works to maximize its effects. You can also learn more about how to become a top-rated virtual real estate agent. Join a community that can help you succeed. That community has leveraged Facebook and therefore all agents should heed. Agents should heed the following tips when posting a house for sale on Facebook:

Visuals Matter

People are visual beings and for this reason, you need to use photos to draw attention when marketing through Facebook. On Facebook, it is safe to say that posts featuring images are more popular than text-only posts. Before uploading any property photos on Facebook, you need to ensure they can appeal strongly to your target audience. Use professional photographers to take high resolution photos of the home you are selling at different strategic angles. You can also use photo editing apps to beef up the appeal of your images to draw more attention.

Avoid Posting Just A Link

To get more traffic on your Facebook page, avoid posting only a link in your post. Facebook seeks to keep its users engaged on their site for as long as they can. When you post a link directing users to your MLS listing, your page will get less weight, leading to less traffic to your Facebook page. It is best to post an image coupled with some information to gain the interest of potential buyers first. Once you have their attention, you can post your MLS listing link in the comments section where they can then go to get more information.

Understand Facebook Ads

Many people think that they have to spend a fortune to advertise on Facebook. The truth is that it only costs around $5 a day to advertise to a local market. There is no specific way on how best to advertise an ad on Facebook – which gives you total freedom to get creative. Facebook has a number of free tutorials you can use to learn the ropes of how to effectively advertise your product or service – in this case, real estate. Use them!

Take To The Sky

Real estate marketing has advanced in recent years through the use of videos and drone photographs for advertising. To market an upscale estate effectively, invest in drone photography and videos to highlight special features in an estate. The use of drones helps to highlight magnificent views, the expansive acreage of an estate and its proximity to major attractions nearby. For example, you can take drone pictures and videos of a beachfront property and post it on Facebook to attract potential buyers.

As a real estate agent, utilize the opportunities offered by Facebook to maximize on property marketing. Facebook is a powerful social media tool that not only allows you to showcase the properties on your listings but it also allows you to actively engage with your potential clients directly. For agents who are under a new-age real estate brokerage firm, you have nothing to worry because you can easily get technology help from your agency to make property selling in this era hassle-free and effective.