We practice an agent-centric model by empowering both residential and commercial agents with key resources to fuel an agent’s success and unleash full earning potential.

How To Become a Virtual Real Estate Agent – Why Us?

A virtual real estate brokerage business model is a relatively new development in the industry.  The Digital Age has changed literally everything about our lives.  These days, we shop, pay bills, communicate and plan our lives online and via a computer or handheld device.  There’s no way around it, and the real estate industry is no different.  30 years ago, people would contact a real estate agent, set appointments and go look at homes for days or even weeks before narrowing their choices.  Those days are over.  eRealty Advisors has been a forward-thinking and forward-looking firm for years, and we’re here to invite you to learn more about how to become a virtual real estate agent.

First, you need to know that our brand will start working for you as soon as you join our team.  We’ve earned our place at the top of the industry, and when you work with us, we’ll help you reach your professional potential.  All you need to do is be qualified to sell property and sign up with us.  We ask for a simple, affordable monthly “membership” fee – that’s it – there’s nothing else to worry about.  Other benefits include:

  • No franchise fees
  • No desk fees
  • No surprise/hidden fees of any kind
  • Full access to the MLS
  • All of the resources we have available to help you sell properties
  • 100% commission
  • Total independence

You have everything to gain and almost nothing to lose, so sign up for a membership now and see how being your own boss with a partner in the background can take your career to the next level.

Why Become a Virtual Real Estate Agent?

Today’s market is saturated with competition, stagnant listings and a proliferation of apps that can be difficult to work with between buyers and sellers. To truly get an edge on the modern market, you need the latest tools and trends to expand your influence and continue getting commissions. While virtual real estate training can help get you on the right path, a fully comprehensive experience should include resources that help you stay on top of your game.

Make Your Own Hours

Real Estate careers can and should maximize your independence from the office. When you work online as a virtual real estate agent, you get to set your own priorities and manage your time how you see fit. With our technology and support to keep you at the top of your game, you’ll be able to jump onto the housing market effectively — all while keeping 100% of your commissions!

 Skip the Learning Curve

You can work independently without being alone. Our 100 percent commission real estate plans feature a lively community of veterans and beginners who share their expertise across their many different experiences. With our online training, you’ll be able to work quickly through materials and start building your career right away.

Have Meaningful Work

Real estate professionals help people make some of the biggest decisions of their lives. Whether you’re helping a couple buy their first home or getting a family the best possible deal on selling their memory-filled home, work as a virtual real estate agent makes massive differences for the clients you work with.

True 100% commission

True 100% Commission

When we say 100%, we mean it. What you earn is what you keep.

No transaction fees

No transaction fees

We make it simple: everything is inclusive and no hidden fees.

No franchise fees

No Franchise Fees

Our agents work for themselves. Let us empower you to make more money.

Autonomy and independence

Autonomy and Independence

Enjoy absolute flexibility and freedom in your real estate career with us. Be in full control of your earnings and do things the way you want.

Mls access

Mls Access

When you list a property with us, you instantly gain direct Multiple Listing Service access, making your listing highly visible within hours.

Full Support

Full Support

As you enjoy true autonomy and independence, you can still benefit from easy access to the management team.

We Are On Your Side

Our key objective at eRealty Advisors is to free real estate professionals from the traditional clutches of a rigid business model where bottom line is the main motivator. We want to create a community of real estate agents and sales associates who can enjoy a high level of autonomy and independence, while helping them unleash unlimited earning potential in a 100% commission real estate brokerage environment. When we invest in people and allow them to invest in themselves, we put success in their hands. This domino effect translates into the highest level of service satisfaction for our clients – buyers, sellers, and investors – and that is our ultimate goal.

We Are On Your Side
Rethinking Real Estate Marketing

Rethinking Real Estate Marketing

Gone are the days where real estate agents have to report to a brick-and-mortar office, and sit in a room full of competitive fellow agents. At eRealty Advisors, we strongly believe that agents should have the autonomy to do things their own way, and enjoy business ownership supported by a network that offers stellar agent resources. Our agents can work remotely and plug into our state-of-the-art virtual system from anywhere, freeing up time to meet more clients and expand one’s success in the industry.

Brokers & Sales Agents

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    100% Commission Plan

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    E&O Insurance

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    No Transaction or Franchise Fees

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    Comprehensive Marketing Support

$99 /Month

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Referral Agents*

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    100% Referral Fee Plan

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    Ideal for inactive agents who want to keep their real estate license but are not engaged in any real estate brokerage activities other than as a referral agent.

*Available only to NY Agents at this time.

$69 /Month

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