Creating Real Estate Videos Like A Pro

real estate videos

Video has taken the web by storm. Experts predict that social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn will be mostly video by 2020, and virtually every smartphone these days comes with a camera installed. Therefore, any real estate agent serious about building a successful career must not only incorporate video into their marketing, but learn how to do it the right way.

Share Your Story

People love underdogs and rags to riches stories. Put up a video of yourself and explain why you got into real estate, what makes you different, and why prospective clients should choose you. Be frank and talk about challenges you successfully overcame. This will make you unique while also making you an authority in the work you perform. Real estate is a personalized business. Oftentimes people will only work with someone they are comfortable with, so create familiarity by sharing your story.

Interview Previous Clients

A video interview with a previous client you helped close a deal is one of the best testimonials you can have. Having someone else tell others how great you are is much better than boasting of your own accomplishments. It demonstrates your track record of success and will open the doors to future business.

Create Your Own Vlog Centered On Real Estate

Whereas a blog is an online journal or diary that is regularly updated, a vlog is the same except with video instead of text. Real estate is a complex and constantly changing industry, and every realtor has a unique perspective that they can bring to the table. Sharing with others you thoughts regarding the market, laws or tips related to real estate sales will go a long way to establish you as an industry expert, someone to be respected.

Keep Your Videos Short

People these days are busy and many have short attention spans. Therefore, to get your point across, your videos must be entertaining, informative and short in duration. Ideally the video shouldn’t be longer than five or ten minutes in length.

You will also want to conduct interviews with industry insiders or those who work in other areas of real estate, such as lenders or appraisers. Interviews with these people will reinforce your own credibility, because it leverages the experience they have in a manner that your audience can absorb. The person you’re interviewing benefits because their products or service is marketed to a larger audience which creates a greater bottom line for them.

Always Encourage Others

While social networking sites such as Facebook can greatly aid in closing sales and finding clients, there is always some negativity present. Your job as a real estate agent is to do the opposite; to be a voice of encouragement. You want to inspire others, to be a source of positivity. By doing this, and throwing in a bit of humor from time to time, you will separate yourself from the crowd and build a following.