How To Deal With Bad Reviews Online

how agents can deal with bad reviews online

Bad reviews online can be devastating, particularly for real estate agents who are not well established. Due to the large sums of money involved with real estate sales, emotions can run high and tempers can sometimes flare. However, the manner in which you handle it can make the situation for better or worse. Below are some tips that will help agents deal with the unpleasant reviews that are part and parcel of the job.

Don’t Respond With Anger

While being upset with a negative review is perfectly understandable, revealing it online or making accusations is one of the worst things you can do. News of it will spread quickly, particularly on social media, and your brand and name will immediately be tarnished. Real estate is an industry where transactions   can easily exceed six or seven figures, so reputation and appearance is everything. If you are upset with a review that has been posted online, do not respond until you’ve taken the time to calm down.

Once you’re calm you will be able to respond to the review with a level head. This maximizes the chances that you will make the right move rather than the wrong one. You need to be honest and objective with yourself, and read the review carefully and dispassionately to determine if their claims are legitimate. If they are, and you did make a mistake which warranted the negative feedback, then the wisest course of action is to learn from the mistake and never let it happen again. Everyone makes mistakes, but failing to learn from those mistakes is what will make things worse rather than better.

Don’t Ignore The Negative Feedback

Whenever you discover that a negative review has been posted of you, under no circumstances should you disregard it. Rather, you should make responding to it your utmost priority. Your client is clearly angry, and if you respond with tact and sophistication, you could transform them from an enemy to a long term customer which can result in more leads. Contact them and let them know that you’ve read their review, and ask them to get in touch with you so that the problem can be resolved. Direct communication is key, and after listening to their problem, do everything you can to fix it.

Never Be Defensive

The first instinct of some real estate agents, particularly those who are aggressive by nature or who have strong personalities, is to become defensive. However, this is just as bad as becoming angry and lashing out. First, you should never take the bad review personally. Put yourself in the shoes of the client and learn to see things from their point of view. Once you do, it is likely that you will be able understand why they’re upset, even if they shouldn’t be. The client needs to know that their review has been noted and that the situation will be corrected.