Generating Property Leads With LinkedIn

use LinkedIn to geenrate property leads

LinkedIn is a popular social network for both job seekers and employers to make real business connections. Within LinkedIn, there are simple and straightforward business tools to help users develop professional connections online. Today, many real estate agents throughout the country are using LinkedIn to present their credentials in an attractive manner, meet new clients and potential business partners, and to converse meaningfully with their business community. This platform is simply stellar for an agent’s real estate marketing needs. Find out how you should use it to generate LinkedIn property leads and develop useful business relationships!

Start with Your LinkedIn Profile

getting LinkedIn profile done rightYour profile is like a snapshot of your professionalism and it is recommended that this page is attractively formatted. On your online business card, you should feature a well-written summary paragraph. It will serve as an elevator pitch to other users who are not familiar with your property work experience and skill sets.

Next, you would want to upload a great photo to represent you. Remember, pictures can make or break your viewers’ first impression of you. When you are completing your profile page, make sure you reach 100% completion; leave no sections unfilled! The more information you provide, the easier it will be for potential home buyers and sellers to find you. Lastly, remember to carefully use SEO-friendly keywords within the unique URL of your profile.

Utilize LinkedIn Ads

Just like Facebook, you can find an ad platform within LinkedIn. It allows you to promote your services via text and image based ads. If you are planning to run ads in LinkedIn, make sure you start small. Begin by setting up a simple and targeted ad campaign. Also, choose narrowed down demographic selections.

After that, you just need to test whether your ads are producing your desired results. You may want to employ at least three to four variations of ad text for each campaign. Do not forget to refine your ads when you spot trends and signs that could optimize your real estate campaign.

Get Involved with LinkedIn Answers

linkedin answers to show real estate knowledgeThe Q&A format of LinkedIn Answers allow real estate professionals to post and answer questions related to their industry. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your prowess in your field. If your answers to the frequently asked questions are voted “Best Answers”, you could end up generating a lot of business inquiries.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself and answer questions from using your unique voice. Don’t withhold valuable information as much as you do not need to expose valuable trade secrets – as an unbalance will rob you of the true power of your real estate business brand and accolades on LinkedIn Answers.

Make Lots of LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Connections is a great tool for you to demonstrate your industry relationships to the world. When you make connections with other users on the site, you will be able to exchange recommendations via inMail and easily make referrals from trusted networks. When the amount of quality connections per user grows, the potential for establishing new business connections grows as well.

Do you also know that Connections support the upload of a variety of contact file formats? What’s more, you may even find many of your clients and associates are already on LinkedIn after uploading your contact files. Whenever possible, consider extending invitations to important contacts to join your own trusted real estate network!