Growing Your Email List For More Sales

growing your email list

Real estate agents need to consider every encounter as an opportunity to grow their email list. Having a robust email list means larger possibilities to nurture contacts and convert them into sales. It is one thing to obtain valid email addresses from potential buyers but it is another thing to know what to do with new leads. An agent needs to have a plan of action to keep potential clients engaged. Failure to craft a follow-up campaign to market will result in wasted money and time. The following are proven strategies that can help realtors capture more email addresses and how to turn these into more sales.

Have A User-Friendly Website

As a realtor, you should know that a great first impression is everything when it comes to real estate marketing. Make sure that you have a well-designed website that is user friendly. Get a professional to design an appealing website for you. Clients will decide on an instant whether to sign up with you or not once they see your website. Make your website as simple as possible and avoid cluttering not to confuse visitors. To capture more email targets, add a strategically placed pop-up form with precise information that subscribers will gain from. Have great blog content and inform visitors that they can get stories they are interested in straight into their mailbox by simply providing an email address.

Offer Something Valuable

Potential buyers are always drawn to offers that not everyone is getting. To make buyers sign up to your newsletter, you can start by hosting a free webinar for first time homebuyers. This gives you a chance to interact with them as they ask questions about the process of acquiring a house or those who are looking for more information about local neighborhoods. Ask interested individuals to provide an email address to allow them to attend the webinar. Encourage your target audience to join your email newsletter by letting them know they are receiving exclusive information they cannot get from anywhere else. Provide information like the latest news on real estate market that has not yet gone viral.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Be sure to always include good content in your social networks. You can use social media sites like Facebook to get more email addresses. However, make your Facebook business page interesting to attract more people to your profile by providing interesting information you know your target audience would be interested in. Create interesting videos and blogs that will capture your target audience long enough to make them want to follow you. You can then ask them to provide their email address to get direct correspondence and more interesting newsletters right into their mailbox.

Pursue Offline Email Collection

An agent does not have to rely on the internet only to collect email addresses. You can grow your email list by meeting potential buyers in networking events, open houses and other in-person events. At these events, you can ask individuals to sign up with email addresses and then provide a take-home leaflet with instructions on how they can subscribe to your newsletter. Or, you can simply ask for email addresses during a conversation.

All in all, you need to always think outside the box when it comes to real estate marketing to ensure you sell as many properties as you can. You don’t have to rely on old methods to sell houses. You can sign up with a real estate brokerage firm to help you achieve unprecedented success in your career and personal life.