Houses Featuring These Kitchen Design Trends Sell Faster

kitchen design trends

As a realtor, your goal should be to sell houses as fast as possible and at the best rates. If you have clients looking to buy or sell a house, there are various things you can do to speed up the transaction process. If a homeowner is looking to sell a house, you can advise him or her to make a few renovations around the house to sell the house fast and increase the property value. One area that a homeowner should be keen when it comes to home renovations is the kitchen area.

This is the first area that potential home buyers might look at, and it is by far the most influential room in a home. Homeowners looking to sell their houses should make kitchen design references that appeal to the masses and avoid overly personal design preferences. To make sure that a house sells fast and at the full-price offer made, you can spruce it up by learning from these kitchen design trends:

Concealed Appliances

The kitchen design style preferences have evolved with time. There was a time when the focal point of a kitchen was kitchen appliances like dishwashers and stainless steel refrigerators. This is no longer the case. Now, the biggest kitchen trend in a modern home is hidden or concealed appliances. The new kitchen designs blend refrigerator faces in with the walls while dishwashers are designed to look like they are part of the cabinets.

Quartz Countertops

Countertops make up a large surface area in the kitchen and they usually determine the overall look in a kitchen. Most homeowners used granite materials on their countertops but that has been replaced with quartz. Quartz has more aesthetic appeal and in addition, they are highly resistant to staining and are non-porous. They come in various colors and styles. They are very hygienic since they are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

Steel Windows

Modern fashion-forward kitchens are now using steel windows to make a statement. You can easily replace double-hung windows with steel options to give your kitchen a fresher look. Home owners who prefer to make total kitchen renovations can invest in floor-to-ceiling glass and steel windows. These windows allow in fresh air and let in as much natural light to brighten a kitchen space.

Reclaimed Wood

The use of reclaimed wood is a prevalent trend in modern kitchens. When used to build a kitchen island, reclaimed wood adds character to a kitchen space. When combined with exposed pipe or metal, they create an industrial look which adds an aesthetic appeal. They add an attractive flare to big kitchen spaces.

LED Lighting

Modern homes are no longer relying on overhead lighting as the only primary source of lighting. Most luxurious kitchens are now installing under-cabinet LED lighting to provide sophisticated ambience. Under-cabinet lighting also accent features in the kitchen making the room look brighter. The LED lights are very thin and they are installed in a way they cannot be easily noticed.

As a realtor, you should advice homeowners on investing in kitchen renovations to raise their property value. When providing a description on property listings, ensure you include phrases like “recently remodeled kitchen” to attract more potential buyers.