How a 100% True Commission Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Are you a real estate professional who has always dreamed of owning your own business? Are you tired of commuting to some office, paying desk fees, learning software and protocols that do nothing to benefit you and everything to benefit your employer? That’s a lot of time wasted when you could be out selling, isn’t it? eRealty Advisors has a solution for you: Become a virtual real estate agent and “open” your own virtual real estate agency, where you work for the best boss you’ll ever have: you. It’s actually an incredibly simple process to work in a 100% true commission virtual real estate brokerage. 

We’ll explain that below, but we’re also going to provide some perspective with regards to the independence you enjoy as a virtual real estate agent, how a virtual real estate brokerage works and the life that you’ll enjoy should you take on a 100% commission real estate position and succeed. 

Set Your Own Parameters and Approaches

As we mentioned above, no one looks forward to having to learn an entirely new way of doing things, especially when those approaches are not efficient or productive for you. As a virtual real estate agent, you can:

  • Choose your own marketing software
  • Choose your own database management approach
  • Choose your own marketing consultants 
  • Choose your own marketing budget
  • Choose your own properties to sell

You are the boss – it’s that simple. In a 100% true commission virtual real estate brokerage, you run the show. As a 100% commission real estate agent, you also keep the commissions on what you sell – all of it. 

Spend Your Time Making Yourself Money

In real estate, time is our most valuable asset. We cannot afford to waste any of it. Yet, that’s exactly what so many capable and talented agents do for a shocking amount of time every week or month. Have you ever thought about how much time you wasted learning an agency’s CRM software, or learning their marketing approach or figuring out where you could sell, what you could sell and what you could not? Every second you spent doing that was time you were not doing what you were trained to do. Even after you got out there and sold properties, the payoff involved sending a big chunk of your commission to that same entity that wasted all of your time. 

When you become a virtual real estate agent with eRealty Advisors, you will waste no time whatsoever. After you decide how to manage your own 100% true commission virtual real estate brokerage, you will do nothing but go out there and sell. No meetings, no required luncheons or teambuilding events, no fluff. You decide on where you sell, what you sell and of course, when you sell. You set your own schedule and manage your own days.

What Does eRealty Advisors Do For You?

Finally, you need to know that even with your 100% true commission virtual real estate brokerage, you’re not alone. eRealty Advisors works with our virtual real estate agents closely. For a reasonable, flat monthly fee, you’ll get all the branding power our company has behind you. You’ll get all sorts of other benefits that we’d be happy to tell you about if you want to discuss this possibility further. If so, take a look at our Careers page and learn more about us here. We look forward to helping you get started on the career you deserve!