Landscape Design Trends For 2018

landscape design trends for 2018

Landscape design, aside from being a booster for curb appeal, also acts as a wonder pill for many. Being surrounded by air purifying plants, chilling in a quiet and relax place or even enjoying a plant-based diet are all reflections of wellness trends that have become status symbols for people who prioritize health.  As the human sapiens develop, the emphasis on health gradually moves to the top of the list. Landscape design is a visual therapy. The landscape design trends for 2018 seem to be moving towards the concept of a healthy, relaxed state of mind. Before reading on, hear about other individuals who have deepened their fascination with real estate and turned it into a career. Etc… Read on as we share how you can catch up on landscape design trends while creating tranquil and beautiful heaven.

Element Water

The theme of 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show – Wonders of the Water, reflects on the correlation of how human and water impact each other. Rainscapes and water features are becoming a norm in many parks, gardens and homes. The elements of water, from subtle water features in black stone dishes to smooth-sided stepped plunge pools, seem to be making a splash in many homes as they contain reflective quantities.

Eco Gardens

Some home owners go to the extent of growing specially selected native plants to attract insects, wildlife and birds in an attempt to develop environmentally conscious landscapes. The specially curated plants can be a sight and achievement for owners who have gone the extra mile to make it happen. Eco gardens can be educational too, benefiting the younger ones on possible eco-chain system and information on plants.

Sustainable Gardening

Being one of the top growing trends, many has turned to sustainable gardening where fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are being planted and grown in their garden. These create and add color to the variety to the landscape while providing homeowners with sustainable, affordable, fresh organic supplies of their produce. This is a growing trend when it adds health bonus points to the garden and to your health report!

Customized Outdoor Living Spaces

As more events and parties are conducted outdoor, landscapes have also become extensions of interior spaces, making it more than a pretty exhibition but a practical usage space. Complete with matching furniture and appliances, outdoor spaces have served useful purposes such as living up as yoga gardens, barbeque kitchens, romantic canopy bedrooms, camping site for star watching or even bocce fields. The extensions of the living space add a personal touch to the homes, catering to every family’s preferences.

It is important to have a safe space especially in your home where you spend majority of your time, and having a space which helps you to relax and yet keeping up with the latest trend not only makes your home look better but your soul even more beautiful. Alternatively, you may also look for your dream home that has the perfect landscape that fits your taste. Check out some ready to move in listing properties here!