Making The Most Of Property Pictures For Your Listing

property photos

The very first contact any real estate buyer will have with a certain property for sale before deciding to head down and view is usually through photos of the property. As we all know, the first impression is crucial. The million question here is, how to take great photos of the property? Will you need expensive high-end equipment or an experienced photography team to help you with photos which allow your prospective clients to fall in love with the place? Read on and uncover the tricks of taking head-turning photos of properties.

Getting Started With The Basics

No, you do not need top-of-the-line equipment, miracles can even happen with a normal cellphone these days. A smartphone’s camera or any camera can cut the deal, but we will recommend an equipment with at least 5 megapixels so that the viewer will be able to enjoy at least a clear and non-pixelated image of their dream property. A tripod will come in useful if you have shaky hands but of course, that is not a necessity.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is a very important ingredient in producing the perfect property photo. It makes or breaks the deal in determining the outcome of your photo. Good lighting helps your space to appear more inviting, warm and open. You would want your prospective client to imagine themselves at the property, sitting comfortably at the kitchen counter sipping coffee on a lazy Sunday morning rather than sipping coffee on a horrible stormy night. You can start off by taking photos of the place on a sunny day, with the lights on and curtains or blinds drawn, creating a warm and bright place. Avoid taking photos when it is dark, or when you have dark shadows to deal with. On top of being able to create a bright and inviting place, you can have a clearer photo to show your clients.

Show a Move-Ready Interior

Portray a clean, orderly and move-ready place. It is a big no-no to take photos during mid-renovation or before the unit is ready to meet its new owners. Ensure there is no awkward furniture or items such as cleaning supplies sitting on the counter or a dirty bathroom which will wave good bye to any buyer who sees the photo. There is no harm in getting a little prop which makes the photo more ‘homey’, such as a simple vase of flowers or some fruits on the kitchen top. It certainly looks more inviting for anyone looking for an ideal property for sale.

The Exterior is Important Too

The exterior of the property is as important as the interior. Keep the exterior free of any items that does not normally belong. It is necessary for the lawn to look neat, having the flower beds weeded and landscaped with nice lines will add many brownie points to the property. The goal is for the property to look well-maintained and in a tip-top shape. You want to create a home that others will want to stay in, not a barren and unkempt home ready for Halloween.

Keep it simple, clean and neat, the photos will speak for itself. While you are at it, why not also learn how to take advantage of property videos to boost your chances of a sale?