Neighborhood Spotlight: Katonah, NY

Katonah, NY neighborhood guide

There are three hamlets located within the town of Bedford, in Westchester County. Katonah is one of those hamlets. With great open spaces, reputable schools, etc., Katonah, NY is without a doubt a wonderful neighborhood to live in. If you are planning to purchase real estate here but want to first explore the neighborhood, here’s a simple guide to help you: Before reading on, take a look at how eRealty can help you become a top-rated virtual real estate agent. Explore a career where you make 100% commission and work at your own schedule. Etc…

Katonah, NY: Location Profile

Compared to other neighborhoods in New York, Katonah is relatively small in size. It is home to nearly 1,800 individuals and pre-World War II architecture. The latter makes Katonah one of the older and more historic neighborhoods of the country. Next, you will find that the neighborhood is an excellent place for families to consider because of the low crime rate, neighbors who are advocates of education, and good schools. If you are looking to buy real estate in a neighborhood that does not feature a frenetic nightlife scene, look no further than Katonah.

Points of Interest

John Jay Homestead State Historic Site

Located 400 Jay Street, this New York State Historic Site was the home of the first Chief Justice in the U.S. – statesman John Jay. Known by some as the John Jay House and Bedford House, the site also receives support from non-profit Friends of John Jay Homestead, which raises funds and provides volunteer assistance to increase public awareness as well as for its interpretation, restoration, and preservation.

Arthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuary

This memorial sanctuary was established when Mrs. Butler donated over 220 acres of land to The Nature Conservancy in 1954, in honor of her husband. It was recognized as the first wildlife refuge in the town of Bedford as well as the organization’s first donated preserve. Since its founding, the Arthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuary has grown significantly through various purchases and donations. The land’s natural boulder-strewn hills and rugged outcrops provide a solid foundation for swamps teeming with flora and fauna, flowing streams, and deciduous forests.

Dining Opportunities

Blue Dolphin Restaurant

Located at 175 Katonah Avenue, Blue Dolphin Restaurant was founded nearly three decades ago and offers a fine dining experience that features authentic Italian Cuisine. Diners will find both original recipes and traditional favorites from the restaurant’s menu, including pasta, seafood, salads, and soups that are full of zesty flavors and fresh ingredients.

Tengda Asian Bistro

Tengda stands for prosperity and the Asian bistro offers authentic Pan Asian cuisine. The bistro offers only the finest ingredients and most of them are selected daily. Diners will have a gastronomical experience via unique flavors of Vietnamese, Thailand, Japanese, Malaysia, and Chinese cuisine. As the winner of the Best Westchester County Restaurant, Tengda Asian Bistro also offers a special weekly menu as well as exotic fish and fresh sushi specials. They are one of the best places in Katonah for brunches, lunches, dinners, and take-outs!

Want to Make Katonah Your Home?

Scoring high quality real estate in Katonah is easy as it offers a stellar environment of peace and tranquility. Are you a newly wedded couple searching for a new home or an interested home buyer with young children? Katonah, NY has got you covered! Start your search for your dream home today by checking out the latest Katonah real estate listings here!