New App Seeks To Boost Appeal Of Downtown Scarsdale

downtown Scarsdale

Have you heard about the upcoming app that aims to boost the appeal of downtown Scarsdale? Marty Rolnick, a local entrepreneur and Scarsdale resident for nearly two decades, has come up with an app idea that aims to connect local businesses with residents with nonprofit companies to boost the village’s appeal. Currently, Scarsdale features a barren downtown district. Has work begun for the app’s development? Yes, the app idea has been pitched to the Village Board of Trustees. Not only is technology helping the town of Scarsdale, but it can help you become a virtual real estate agent. Join with a community…..

Recognizing the Problem of Inactivity

Rolnick noticed that the residents of Scarsdale do not have the habit of spending money when they come downtown. He realizes that there is nothing attractive for residents to visit the area, except dine at a couple of restaurants. With that in mind, there are currently 15 storefronts that remain empty in the downtown district. What’s more, the rate of retail vacancies is growing due to the trend of online shopping. With the Virtuous Scarsdale app, Rolnick aims to slow down or even prevent the retail scene from declining any further by allowing shoppers and businesses to simultaneously make charitable donations.

How ‘Virtuous Scarsdale’ Works

The app basically comprises a simple multi-step process that connects non-profit organizations, shoppers, and participating stores. Local nonprofits and businesses enjoy the benefits of free registration; to be included into the app. Next, Scarsdale residents and anyone who wants to shop in the village are required to download the app – it is also free of charge.

The app is used after eating or shopping at a participating store. The user opens the app, chooses a designated charity, and inputs the amount he or she spent that day. A proof of purchase is needed, and one just needs to snap a picture of the receipt. After that, a portion of the sale would then be allocated to the chosen non-profit. The distribution of profits will take place at the end of each month.

One of the reasons why the app might work is because charitable giving is pretty enticing in Scarsdale. The average American household spends over $2,000 in charitable donations annually.

Not Just Another App

Regarding the app, you should know that you are not actually placing any onus on the small businesses. You are providing the incentive, which means the money is staying in the community and contributing to its enrichment. Rolnick has the desire to make Virtuous Scarsdale, a true community app, which residents can utilize for news updates, shopping deals, and events. He sees that the app has potential to unite the community.

While some merchants are skeptical of the idea, noting that a lot of the customers they want to reach are already their customers. Hence, they do not see how the app is going to make a difference. However, this does not mean the businesses are not willing to give the app a shot. They do hope that the app works. For example, one of the businesses in Scarsdale states that they always try things out as they want it to help move the business forward.

Let’s see how it goes.

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