Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid

personal branding

Personal branding mistakes can be the death of a realtor or the company they work for. A personal brand is built around messaging and imaging whose purpose it is to build up a feeling. Where personal branding is concerned, the messages and images are there to create a certain feeling in others about you, yourself. Creating a unique brand has many components: content, specific elements, brand images like photos, etc.

You can establish authority and credibility with a well-defined brand consisting of consistent, correctly displayed branding. Much harm can come, however, through poorly executed branding. The following are a list of branding pitfalls that should be avoided at all costs.

Lack of Follow-Through

What does this have to do with branding? It is your handshake and your bond. Do people trust that you will follow through with your promise if you say you will? Many customer complaints revolve around lack of follow-through. A great message doesn’t cut it – with every transaction and every customer, you must live up to the standards you have professed in your branding.


There’s Just No Content

In your chosen niche, you are an authority and must become known as one to achieve the ultimate goal of personal branding. You have to back up your position by demonstrating experience, expertise, and knowledge. To express all of this, use content such as video shorts, e-books, quotes, or a series of photos. Keep it simple and use contents that you are comfortable with.

Where’s the Consistency?

Across all your marketing platforms (brochures, postcards, business cards, etc.), you must display your branding element consistently and correctly. This will help you drive home a memorable and recognizable brand. The look and messaging of your brand should continue across all of the marketing platforms you come in contact with. Repetitiveness is essential in real estate.

Lack of Authenticity

Your brand has to be specific to you. No matter how memorable or clever it is, people aren’t going to remember it if there is no persona attached to it – but that persona must match you. It’s your brand, after all. Personal and professional qualities can successfully be woven together to create an incredible personal brand. Do not, however, feel the need to mirror the way you live your personal life. While your brand is somewhat an extension of you, it should reflect a more the expertise, knowledge, inspiration, and habits associated with you in your realty role.

There Is Simply No Focus

As much as you would love to be everything to everybody, it’s simply not possible. You must make it crystal clear how you will serve your client, and define who you’re ideal client is. Develop and declare a specialty. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be doing anything outside of your special focus; it simply means that you’re going to execute more precisely and exactly the type of business that you desire and are good at.

Did You Forget the Call to Action?

Be sure to extend an invitation to your prospects. Your marketing platforms should provide a call to action such as the following:

  • “To learn how to invest using the money of others, download my e-book.”
  • “For a free home staging assessment, contact me at…”
  • “Before you call them – call me!”

These can, obviously, be changed up as needed but you should never be without one type or another of a call to action.

Are You Showing What Makes You Different from Others?

Realty isn’t so much about being known for what you do, it’s about doing what you do differently than others. If you’re the same as everyone else, no one will know that choosing you is best. This could be the biggest branding mistake of all. You must let people know that you are positioned uniquely enough to serve their precise real estate needs.

The successful realtor (and realty company) knows the ins and outs of branding. At eRealty Advisors Inc., we understand branding and the difference it can make. We help realtors unlock their full earning potential using key resources and empowerment. Be a realtor with eRealty Advisors today!