Should Real Estate Agents Bother With Home Inspection?

home inspection

Home inspection is one of the most important hurdles to clear in the home buying process. The findings by the inspector during and after the inspection has a significant influence on the final sale. So, should real estate agents bother with home inspection? There are always two sides to a coin, the answer to this question varies. Some customers enjoy having their hand held through this major process while some others feel extremely deterred by this option. Here, we share some pros and cons of real estate agents being involved with home inspection.

Why Yes?

While it is the job of the home inspector to check the property, looking for possible problems and hopefully educating on the proper maintenance needed to the potential buyers, there is a high chance that buyers will have misunderstandings about the severity of the issue and inaccurate views on how the inspection should affect the purchase. A lot of information is passed between the inspector and client during the home inspection. For first time buyers, it will be understandable that there is a lot to digest during the process. For agent who are not present during the inspection, they are unable to clarify the matter at its root, leaving a chance for things to go awry.

A good agent acts as an advocate for his or her client, and the presence of the agent during home inspection can help to contribute positively to the home inspection process. Some agents feel that by attending the home inspection, it creates liability while some insist that liability is created by what is said and done, not the attendance of the agent. The presence of the agent can also prevent any inspector incompetency and it can prevent blindsided sellers who might put a halt to the deal.

Why No?

This is not an agent’s expertise and when property maintenance matters arise, real estate agents are not in their best capacity to advise. While some real estate agents agree that their presence during the home inspection can sometimes influence their client’s or even the home inspector’s opinions towards or against something, there are other real estate agents who feel that their attendance in home inspection can be tricky, sparking their differing opinions into an argument quickly. In some cases, having the agents around may prolong the inspections by a few hours.

Every real estate agent has their own opinions and preferences on whether to participate in the home inspection process. It depends on the agent’s approach; the decision should be made between the agents and clients based on their comfort level. However, the important takeaway is that the agents should refrain from influencing the customer’s conclusion about the home inspection. After all, the home inspection is vital to help the customers to have a fair and just evaluation on the home before purchasing it.