Successful Agents Use These Social Media Marketing Tricks!

social media marketing for real estate agents

Real estate social media marketing has become an important part of the sales process. However, this phenomenon is relatively new, with best practices still being developed. As such, it can be difficult for newcomers to use social media effectively, but below are some techniques that will put you on the right track.

Study The Network

No two social networking sites are exactly alike. What works for Facebook may not work for LinkedIn, and what works for LinkedIn may not work for Twitter. Each of these communities has different standards in regards to how they feel their members should behave, and it is important to understand this before interacting. You must learn how to present information in a manner which is specific to a given website. Those who fail to follow this advice may find their presentations and posts ignored or buried at best, and at worst could find themselves ostracized or even banned.

Choose Quality Over Quantity When Building Relationships

A common mistake that is made by realtors who use social media is to try to make as many connections as possible. Yet many (most) of these connections will be superficial at best. Focus on building strong relationships with a handful of people rather than having shallow relationships with lots of them. You do this by finding people that are a good match and learning as much about them as possible. Look for people who have interests which align with yours, or who have resources or skills which you lack.

Use Videos In Your Marketing And Presentations

While photos are important, videos are more so, particularly on social media sites. The videos don’t need to be long; many people today are busy and or have short attention spans, so you will want to keep the presentations at no more than 30 seconds, about the length of a commercial. The video can show the house from various angles and when combined with photos will show the property is authentic. Using videos instantly separates you from realtors that restrict themselves to photos.

Use The Same Sites As Your Clients

A common mistake that is made by realtors is attempting to manage too many social accounts at once. You shouldn’t maintain more sites than you can handle, and you should also make it a point to find out which sites your clients use the most. Some people have a preference for Facebook, while a growing number of users are also posting photos to Instagram. While some people may lump social media sites into one category, they differ in their focus.

For instance, LinkedIn is a good website for established professionals that are looking to enlarge their network. It is not a good site for selling a house or realtors who are just starting out. Real estate is visual, so the best sites are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These sites also have excellent tools for analyzing the engagement you’re receiving and will help you make better marketing decisions.