• eRealty Advisors Agent Testimonial Compilation

    eRealty Advisors Agent Testimonial Compilation
  • eRealty Advisors Client Testimonial Compilation

    eRealty Advisors Client Testimonial Compilation
  • Richard Wolf

    Richard Wolff Co-CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jo Ann Byrne

    Jo Ann Byrne Agent
  • Lisbeth Furke

    Lisbeth Furke Agent
  • Michael Levy

    Michael Levy Agent
  • Chris Petti

    Chris Petti Agent
  • Lynn Teger

    Lynn Teger Agent
  • Janice Lieberman

    “I'm a fan of eRealty Advisors because I love for people to save and earn more money.”

    Janice Lieberman, Brand Ambassador eRealty Advisors, Inc.
  • Elva Wright

    "Great experience! Another deal just closed and got my 100% commission.
    Thank eRealty Advisors Team!"

    Elva Wright Agent

The Benefits of Virtual Real Estate Careers – Set Yourself Free

Are you relatively new to the real estate industry and you’re starting to wonder how you’re ever going to get ahead?  Are you a real estate veteran who’s tired of paying desk fees, franchise fees and the like so that you can report to an office and compete with other agents over a finite set of listings?  Does it ever seem like it’s too much work to spend weeks or longer on a property only to make a small percentage on commission?  Does the idea of working with 100% commission real estate brokers sound like it’s too good to be true?

Rest assured, we’ve heard that before during our years in virtual real estate.  eRealty Advisors has been working with a team of real estate professionals all over the map, and those who have joined our team have enjoyed great success when they put in the effort, just like anything else.  We really are that firm that can set you free.  When you sign up to join the eRealy Advisors team, you’ll get the following:

  • No fees other than our affordable monthly “membership” fee
  • No surprises
  • Full access to the MLS
  • All of the support our brand can provide
  • Total autonomy in terms of your schedule
  • Full authority to make your own decisions on a day-day basis
  • 100% commission on what you sell, so you can keep what you earn

Would you like to work how you want, when you want and where you want and not have to worry about what you’re going to bring home at the end of the day?  Then take a look here to get yourself signed up with eRealy Advisors and get ready for a whole new professional world.

A Successful Career as a Virtual Real Estate Agent

In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need the mindset and tools that will help you succeed. Many of our virtual real estate agents have experienced the pitfalls of traditional brick-and-mortar offices that bleed agents dry with fees before their commissions are even taxed.

Conversely, working individually has its own challenges as you go up against formidable competitors and an oversaturated online market. To get the best of both agency and independent work, a 100 percent commission real estate plan can get you the support you need with the autonomy best suited to how you work.

A Community of Success

The testimonials below showcase a wide variety of virtual real estate agents who have become even more successful since working with eRealty Advisors. We offer each agent training and support to better connect them to clients, but joining one of our plans also connects you to other friendly agents who form a thriving real estate community.

Find and share advice from other agents that range from the beginning of their careers to having decades of experience in the industry. Partnering with other agents to handle a wider variety of clients while maintaining a competitive edge has never been easier.

Connecting with Clients

As you hear from our testimonials, connecting clients with our virtual real estate agents can make a huge difference in your career. Managing housing, staying within easy reach of your clients when they need you and following up is far easier to do with a team to support you with some of the most recent technology for the industry.