• Janice Lieberman

    “I'm a fan of eRealty Advisors because I love for people to save and earn more money.”

    Janice Lieberman, Brand Ambassador eRealty Advisors, Inc.
  • Tonia Mitchell

    “I joined eRealty Advisors in July and have closed several deals since then. I was paid 100% of my commission and had no additional fees deducted. I got paid the day after the check was deposited. This is a great company to work with and I would recommend them to any agent looking to increase their earning potential.”

    Tonia Mitchell
  • Stan Weiss

    “I have done business with Richard Wolff over the past 6 years. I have found him to be honest, pleasant and easy to work with in all aspects. I continue to do business with him and would recommend anyone else interested in his services to feel comfortable with him.Highest recommendation on all counts.”

    Stan Weiss
  • Gabriel Bousbib

    “I have known Richard for more than 20 years and have worked with him on a number of projects. Richard is a man of high integrity and he is extremely reliable. I have only had positive experiences in all my dealings with him and I highly recommend him,”

    Gabriel Bousbib
  • Uriel Rubinov

    “I moved to FL from NY about 2 years ago. As a result of not being affiliated with a broker, my NY RE agent license expired. I researched 100% Commission firms to reinstate my license. There were numerous and I reached out to some. The only RE company that was most responsive and diligent was eRealty Advisors, specifically Richard Wolff. The application process was 100% online and streamlined. Although there is a monthly fee to be associated with eRealty Advisors, I find the investment well worth the price, especially if my application process and enrolment is any indication of how I will be treated by the firm in the future. Truly a pleasant experience!”

    Uriel Rubinov

    “Very easy to switch. Great support from day 1 from Richard and Steve. This model is the future. Very happy to be a part of the team.”

  • Steven Gerber

    “Rich Wolff knows real estate and the business of real estate. He's been working with brokers for years and knows what they want and need. This is a great platform for agents who really want to score on their own. Rich provides the support you need and you keep your whole commission.”

    Steven Gerber
  • Jo Ann Byrne

    "I am a new member of eRealty and really enjoy the team! It's so refreshing to have a straight forward "honest" pay plan, where you're not fee'd to death or it's confusing. Your listings are yours here, you make your own business decisions and are able to do the right thing by your clients without getting layers of approvals. My strategy is to take the money I would have taken in splits and use it to go and train with the most elite in real estate and learn from others better than me!"

    Jo Ann Byrne
  • Elva Wright

    "Great experience! Another deal just closed and got my 100% commission.
    Thank eRealty Advisors Team!"

    Elva Wright