Tips To Boost Your Sale Chances During Property Viewing

boost sale chances during property viewing

As an agent, to sell a house fast, you need to work smart and have a few unique tricks to attract more potential buyers your way. One way to boost your sale chances is by organizing a property viewing. Proper house staging requires a lot of thought and preparations. You can hire professional interior designers to help you with the staging to create the ideal home impression. The flowing tips will help you as an agent to organize a proper property viewing that will leave you with more potential buyers willing to sign up for a deal.

Advertise Your Property Viewing

The main reason for organizing for a property viewing is to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Plan a date for the property viewing and ensure it is a day most people will be available. You can set your date around the weekends when people are not working or during public holidays.

Create well-designed fliers and place them in strategic places where there is a huge flow of traffic. If you have a list of potential buyers, give them a call to specifically invite them for the property viewing and follow it up with an email to act as a reminder.

Warm Welcome

It has been a long tradition for guests to be offered refreshments and snacks during an open house. To make your property viewing more unique, other than providing refreshments, offer bottled water with customized labels that are designed with your contact details. This not only creates a good impression but, your clients will have the correct contact information once they leave the premises. Buy fresh flowers and display them strategically around the house to create a fresh environment.

Stay Objective

When staging a house for property viewing, avoid displaying personalized items like family photographs and souvenirs. The aim of staging a house is to create a warm homely feeling to allow potential buyers visualize the house as their own. Use simple but elegant furniture and avoid cluttering. Clear the kitchen countertops and leave as much open space in between the furniture to create the impression of extra space.

Light And Bright

Ensure that all the windows are clean and opened to let in as much lighting as possible. You can also incorporate other light sources like table lamps and overhead lights in poorly lit areas around the house. A well-lit house creates an upbeat mood.

Add Property Value

To ensure you get the maximum price for a property, you need to add value to a house. Make a house more desirable and help shift it as quickly as possible by observing the following:

  • Park an executive car in the pressure washed driveway
  • Make sure the house is spotless clean
  • Use bright furniture and decorations when staging
  • Set up an integrated sound-system to improve the mood during the viewing
  • Place mirrors strategically around the house to create an impression of space

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