Top Schools On Long Island

top schools in Long Island

Families planning to move to Long Island would have likely done research on various points of interest, dining establishments and the different neighborhoods. However, if you have children, when you are buying a home, you will deem it important to identify the top schools on Long Island so that you can enroll your kids in a good environment for learning. So, to give you a helping hand, here is a list of the best primary and secondary educational institutions this area has to offer. These schools will help prepare your children for their future careers. Another career path is that of a virtual real estate agent. Rather than working a 9-5, work at your own schedule with a community of veteran agents….

Garden City High School

This school was founded in 1925 in Hempstead, and is part of the Garden City Union Free School District. It covers grades nine through twelve and features a diverse curriculum, which includes broadcast journalism, finance, arts, science, and literature. Sports such as basketball and baseball are also available.

Robert Seaman Elementary

This school provides an environment with high learning standards where young students will develop the ability to think critically and conceptualize what they read. Students have access to the latest technological tools to engender greater awareness, and learning involves a hands on approach. Students are also taught the importance of kindness, responsibility and respect.

Lakeville Elementary School

Lakeville Elementary received the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award in 2009, which is the highest honor bestowed by the Department of Education. It was established in 1929 in Great Neck and works with students in grades one to five, along with kindergarten. It covers courses such as Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.

John F. Kennedy High School

This high school was established in 1972 and serves thousands of students from throughout the New York area. The school is notable for its extensive library, its multiple gymnasiums, and the various industrial arts facilities. The school also incorporates solar panels on the roof, which contribute a portion of its electricity.

Harborfields High School

This secondary school was established in Greenlawn, New York in 1956 and is the main high school for the Central Harborfields District. Newsweek has named it one of the best schools in the U.S. with notable alumni which include senators, celebrities and professional athletes. Their mascot is the tornadoes.

Ogden Elementary School

Ogden provides a robust and exciting environment which is designed to help students develop and achieve excellence. The curriculum is challenging but allows each child to maximize their potential through learning which is individualized. The safe environment is facilitated by great teachers who support the community by providing students with the foundation that will allow them to prosper.

Lynbrook Senior High School

Lynbrook is one of New York’s oldest schools, having been established in 1922. It won the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award in 1990 and 1991, and has also received notable mention from Newsday. Its athletic programs in particular are high in quality but it also offers a diverse and rigorous curriculum which is designed to prepare students for university level studies. The individual class sizes are small, and the school has a variety of extracurricular programs. Many of its graduates have become noted athletes and musicians. Lynbrook’s mascot is the owl.

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