Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Agents

real estate marketing tips for agents

Some people say that real estate agents operate like a school of fish, especially how we swim in the same direction and swim together with the crowd. This is evident in real estate marketing because the tactics used by agents to sell property will commonly include the use of MLS listings, newspapers ads, social media promotion, open houses during the weekends, calling brokers for referrals, and more.

While these methods are proven strategies to score property sales, you are just doing what everyone else is doing. In this competitive niche, why not go beyond the common practice and try unique marketing ideas to complement the old-school real estate marketing that you have been doing for ages? Make yourself stand out in the sea of agents with the unique real estate marketing ideas in this post if you want to impress your clientele!

Idea #1: Let Buyers Live In The Property For Sale

Nobody buys a house on a whim, and no property viewing session can be long enough to provide house buyers with a thorough experience of how the property can be the excellent setting for their dynamic lifestyles. Think about it, there are so many items for sale that we get to try before we decide to buy them, so why shouldn’t we get to try the house that will cost us hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars?

If your seller is agreeable to this particular idea, get them to set up an Airbnb account so that buyers who are truly interested in purchasing the property can rent the property for a day or two. This way, potential buyers can fully experience living in the property and be convinced on making an offer after the stay.

When you are able to facilitate these stays, not only are you assuring buyers that the property is as good as advertised, but you are also sending a signal that you care about helping buyers find the perfect home that matches their unique lifestyles and family situations.

Idea #2: Make The Neighborhood Speak For Itself

One of the key considerations that house buyers make is about the suitability of a neighborhood to their lifestyles. Usually, agents will provide a brief description of the neighborhood in the listing but nothing beats having property buyers experiencing the neighborhood for themselves.

If you want potential house buyers to make a quick purchasing decision, you will need to let them picture their lives panning out in the neighborhood. Why not provide a neighborhood tour for your clients, and let them see the neighborhood amenities before bringing them to the property viewing?

This will convince your potential house buyers that you care about finding the right neighborhood for them, and not just care about selling them a house. Especially for buyers who are coming from outside the state or city, they will appreciate the neighborhood tour as it provides more compelling reasons for them to say yes to the property fast.

Idea #3: Host The Sales Presentation At A Local Festival

Not only are buyers interested in the immediate neighborhood where the property is located, they want to live in a community that supports their personal and family ideals. You can check local event listings to spot an excellent opportunity to get potential buyers to attend and do a creative sales presentation during the local events.

At a local festival, the mood is usually celebratory and this will work to your advantage. What’s more, the event will attract members from the local community and your potential buyers might even get to mingle with future neighbors. When you try this idea, you are essentially helping prospective buyers to remove the emotional barrier of feeling welcomed and accepted into the community.

No, Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas Are Not Created Equal

… and neither are they created for everyone. As we have said at the start of the post, these ideas are meant to complement the proven real estate marketing methods. Not every property can be promoted using these ideas, and not every opportunity allows buyers to try a neighborhood tour or attend a local festival. However, the essence of this post isn’t about marketing real estate in these suggested ways. It is about getting you to think out of the box so that you can become a cut above the rest!